Tranquility in Custody

Blending Safety with Simplicity for Institutions

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A New Standard

Each client receives proprietary hardened hardware to manage their custody account.

1 — The Terminal

Each terminal runs KNØX OS designed as a secure portal to initiate transactions. Web applications don't cut it.

2 — The Access Keys

To govern internal controls, each client administrator is assigned an access key for authentication and transaction approvals.

Guard Against Collusion

Governance controls are designed for each client to safely store and move digital assets. Don't just rely on multiple account authorizers to approve any given transaction. KNØX is incapable of executing any transactions that haven't been explicitly requested by clients.

Rigorous Internal Controls

Geographical Separation

All keys are generated and stored in distinct geographical regions.

True Segregated Accounts

Each customer account is generated using distinct entropy.

Multi-Party Authorization

Moving digital assets requires multiple approvals from distinct facilities.

Digital Asset Agnostic

Infrastructure designed to serve the needs of any client and their portfolio.

Transferring the Risks that Matter

Collusion is covered by our insurance policy, the single most important risk in custody. Insurance coverage is in place for up to 100% of the value of holdings. Insurance limits are exclusively allocated to customers—not shared.